Ron’s genuine patience and level-headed judgment went a long way in smoothly getting us through those times.

Al and Unchu Vass

My wife and I are grateful to have had Ron successfully guide us through the purchase of our first house. Aside from his extensive knowledge and professionalism, we found great value in his trustworthy and patient demeanor. We were going through the buying process during a dynamic time in the market, and with the arrival of our second child weeks before closing, our own patience was increasingly put to the test.

Ron’s genuine patience and level-headed judgment went a long way in smoothly getting us through those times. With Ron’s knowledge and support to guide us, we were able to successfully navigate the market to find a property that fulfilled our professional and domestic needs.

We appreciate Ron’s friendship and professionalism and do not hesitate to recommend him to our own friends.

Ralf and Christine Fuehr

My husband and I have worked with six other real estate agents during our previous buying and selling experiences in Los Angeles and other cities. Now that we have found Ron we will not be working with any other.

Ron worked with us on our most recent purchase. Right away he stood out from the rest due to his knowledge of all of the area communities, architects, schools, local culture, services, I could go on and on. After all, what is the most important thing when buying? It is finding the right place to call home. This is where I can not say enough about Ron. He really listened to what we wanted, what we liked and disliked about our previous purchases (including asking for pictures of our previous homes to help him understand what we were looking for). He did all of the screening for us. On the rare occasion that I visited an open house before discussing with him, I found that he knew before I did that it was not right for us. We were extremely picky buyers and Ron stayed with us for 5 months while we searched, always giving us calm, confident and timely personal attention. No question went unanswered with constant e-mail updates at all hours of the day and night. We liked that Ron was not pushy; he sat back and let us make our own assessments.

After the offer was made, Ron again stood out from the rest as he stood by us during a long stressful negotiation. Without Ron we may have gotten the house but would have lost our minds. Ron’s knowledge of resources in this area as well was invaluable. He went above and beyond the call of duty, helping us negotiate architectural changes we wanted to make before closing. Ron stayed with us for 4 months during the turbulent closing process with his continued calm, confident, personal, timely attention.

It has been 7 months since we moved in and we absolutely love our new home and neighborhood. Ron even made moving in easy with recommendations for local service providers for all of the things you need when you move in. Not the least of which were area Restaurants! Don’t forget to take advantage of Ron’s knowledge of area restaurants; it is on par with a restaurant critic more so than a real estate agent.

In the months since our purchase, every time I hear someone talking about their real estate agent, it reminds me of how invaluable Ron was to us. With the internet these days it is easy for anyone to look through the listings on line and many agents think this is the primary tool for both agent and buyer to use. Ron went way above and beyond the internet in personally checking out the properties to match buyer and seller. He almost never took us to a property he had not already visited to ensure he was not wasting our time.

Thank you Ron for everything! We hope to live in our new home for many many years. But when the time comes to sell, expect a call from us.

Allison and Ed Sarnowski

In reflecting on our experience working with Ron over the past year, what comes to mind are three of Ron’s many strong qualities – his patience, responsiveness, and expertise. This combination of traits is difficult to find among real estate agents, who usually seem to be pushing their clients to close any deal at any cost. Ron was our partner throughout our search for a new home, and he always kept our interests at the forefront.

We knew from the start that we needed to take our time and learn the market. The aggressive, narrowly-defined target for our purchase would surely be challenging. When we shared our lofty desires with Ron, who of course is an expert in the Santa Monica and West LA markets, he did not dissuade us. We recall him telling us in that first meeting, almost verbatim, “well, if that’s really what you want, then let’s see how close we can get.” He allowed us to become more familiar with the market by showing us all of the properties that fit within our targets. He took our feedback to heart after each viewing and refined our search over time.

We admit that we are extremely – perhaps obsessively – detail-oriented people; on top of this, we were first-time home buyers. Certainly, we can be described as very demanding clients. We can never express enough appreciation for the many informative conversations and training sessions we had with Ron. He answered every question and, without fail, made every single transaction form edit – major and minor – that we ever requested. Ron was available to talk to us at any time of day, on any day of the week, working seamlessly around our busy schedules.

One of the real treasures we found in Ron was his interpersonal style described above combined with his unparalleled expertise and knowledge. We witnessed multiple instances in our dealings with sellers’ agents in which Ron played the role of mentor and educator to his less capable, less informed, and less conscientious colleagues. In one case, Ron actually did some work to directly help the seller’s agent do his job! And while Ron was busy educating the other agent on the finer details of California Real Estate law, he maintained a singular focus on our best interest.

Ron was with us every step of the way on our journey, sharing our ups and downs and giving us just the right amount of guidance. In the end, we found our dream home and made a new friend along the way.

We would like to give our highest recommendation for our Real Estate agent, Ron Deutsch

Michael Miller and Xiu Ling Ma

Dear Ron,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work, and going above and beyond your call of duty with regards to our recent property purchase.

You put our interests and needs ahead of your own, were very well versed with the numerous forms that were needed for the transaction, negotiated for us better than we could have possibly imagined, were available at a moment notice, and represented us with confidence.

At the end, we feel fortunate to have had you as our realtor, an expert in every detail of the sale. We couldn't have done any better.

Thank you, and until next time,
Xiuling Ma and Michael Miller

Eric and Karen Westheimer

Ron served as our realtor in the recent purchase of our home in Los Angeles. Since our main residence is in Santa Barbara, we needed an energetic and attentive realtor who was willing to take care of tasks and responsibilities that might otherwise have been the buyer's duties.

Ron went out of his way to accommodate our every need, kept us abreast of all activities associated with the purchase of our home, and guided us through the negotiation process with support and aplomb. Ron's efforts were always extended in a warm and cordial manner and his honest, as well as intuitive approach in negotiation was keen.

We can, without hesitation, recommend Ron Deutsch as a highly effective, responsible and honest businessman, as well as a very nice person. We feel very fortunate in having found him as our realtor.

Dr Kim and Sabrina Wu

We have been involved in many real estate transactions in the past, and our transaction with Ron has been the easiest by far. We are still amazed at the property he found for us – a true diamond in the rough. We love it here!

Ron made the negotiations effortless (We still can't believe we got our first offer accepted right there on the spot.) The rest of the deal was a piece of cake. Thank you for working hard to make things easy for us.

Larry Young, Former Branch Manager

Every once in a while, an agent comes along like Ron Deutsch. And thank goodness. Ron is a rare breed that has it all...intelligence, superior ethics, charm, compassion, and style.

In being represented by Ron, buyers and sellers alike come to depend upon his calm manner and expert negotiating skills to help realize their real estate goals.